About Us

The Eskinler Family embarked on a mission to supply our valued customers with organic raw fruits back in the 2000s. As our passion grew, we made the decision to establish our very own brand and invested significantly in a state-of-the-art organic dried fruits production plant in Turkey. In September 2015, we proudly opened our expansive facility spanning 6000 m2, featuring both closed and open areas, located in the Aegean Free Zone in İzmir, Turkey.

What sets Eskinler apart from other companies in the industry is our unwavering commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology, ensuring that we deliver only the highest quality products to our cherished customers. Our product line boasts the latest advancements, including an efficient washing line for raw materials, a cutting-edge robotic sorter machine to detect foreign objects, three laser sorters, a double X-Ray sorter, a metal detector, sieves, aspirators, a retail packaging machine, and even a fumigation (vacuum disinfection) room.

Rest assured, our facility holds prestigious certifications for both Organic and BRC standards, and we are proud members of SEDEX. We offer quality assurance services to companies seeking to bring their raw materials directly from the source for final control, cleaning, or repacking. As an organic food processor, we take great pride in our own organic field projects, meticulously overseeing and monitoring the entire journey of our products from field harvesting to the final packaged goods. Our dedicated agricultural team conducts regular visits to the fields, ensuring the highest standards are maintained during plantation, harvesting, and drying processes. Prior to purchasing any raw materials for our factory, we conduct routine pesticide analysis checks at accredited external laboratories, ensuring that our commitment to organic food requirements is upheld with utmost care.

At Eskinler, we are passionate about providing you with the finest organic dried fruits, backed by our dedication to technology, quality, and sustainability.

Supplier of organic dried fruits.


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+90 (0232) 251 37 00
Mümtaz Sokak No: 17
Aegean Free Zone, Gaziemir,
Izmir / TURKEY