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⦁ Raisins (Sultana, Thompson)
⦁ Dried Cherries (Sour)
⦁ Dried Apricots (whole, leaf, diced, paste)
⦁ Dried Mulberries
⦁ Dried Tomatoes
⦁ Dried Figs
⦁ Prunes

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⦁ The Eskinler Family entered the organic fruit sector 15 years ago as a raw material supplier. Then, they decided to create their own brand and invested especially in dried fruits production plant with product and market evaluations in the Turkish Republic.
⦁ In September 2015, 6000 m2 area consisting of 3000 m2 closed area and 3000 m2 open area in Aegean Free Zone IZMIR has been opened. In total of 6000 m2 of area, a dried fruits processing facility with an annual processing capacity of 10,000 tons has been established.
⦁ In addition, we use the newest technologies on our product line such as Double Lasers, X-Ray, Metal Detector, Sieves, Retail Packaging Machine and Fumigation Room.
⦁ Our facility is certified as organic based on EU Standards. Besides, At our facility which is certified with BRC standards. We provide the quality insurance to the companies who want to bring their raw materials from the source for final control, cleaning or repacking.

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Supplier of organic dried fruits.


Contact Us

+90 (0232) 251 37 00
Mümtaz Sokak No: 17
Aegean Free Zone, Gaziemir,
Izmir / TURKEY